Outbound Call Services

Outbound Customer Care Services

As ambassadors of your brand, our outbound specialists keep in touch with your customer base to provide the in-depth information you need to make intelligent decisions about the direction of your company.

Friendly customer relations leads to long-term customer retention, and that is always our ambition with out outbound call center services at KPI Connect Ltd. We offer a wide range of outbound services designed to benefit your brand, including customer loyalty programs and satisfaction surveys. Our skilled and experienced agents conduct market research, make follow-up calls to email and direct mailings, promote new products and services, and handle many other tasks such as appointment setting.

Whatever requirements you have, we can meet your needs and represent your brand proudly.

At KPI Connect, we work hard to maintain the identity and personality of your brand during every interaction with your customers. Trained to proactively recognize the needs of customers according to your sales process, our team has access to a variety of tools to boost efficiency and productivity, including custom voice messages, automated message broadcasts, predictive dialing, and Do Not Call list protection. While you focus on your core business, our specialists will take care of your outbound communication concerns and foster positive relations with your customer base.

Other features of our outbound call center:

  • Seamless Integration with Customer Relationship Management Platforms
  • Appointment Setting
  • Appointment Reminder Calls
  • Service Satisfaction Inquiries
  • Information Gathering
  • Welcome Calls