Bilingual Contact Center (English/French)

English & French Bilingual Call Center Service

In the changing global landscape, growing your business and increasing brand recognition requires communicating in more than one language. As a call center company, KPI Connect delivers all of the services we offer are available in both English and French to suit the needs of your customers.

Two people at a table on mobile devices.As a cutting-edge multi-channel contact center, our versatile team of bilingual contact specialists is perfectly fluent in both languages, trained to deliver full service and brand consistency in both English and French through voice, email, web chat, and social media. KPI Connect expands the outreach of your brand with an English/French bilingual contact center that allows you to tap into a vast international market. Bilingualism is a well established part of the Canadian market as French is the second official language, and French is one of the fastest growing languages globally.

  • French is one of the most widely used languages in the world, spoken on every continent by over 225 million people, with that number expected to rise to over 700 million across the globe by 2050.
  • The majority of French speakers are located in Europe, where French is estimated to edge out German as the most widely spoken mother tongue by 2025.
  • As the official language of 29 countries, French is second only to English, and the French-speaking community is responsible for 20 percent of world trade in goods, 15 percent of the world's wealth, and one-tenth of agricultural land on the planet.
  • French consistently ranks between the sixth and eighth most used languages online and accounts for approximately five percent of all internet pages.

Let KPI Connect enable you to expand your reach into more markets by helping to remove language barriers between you and your customers.