Contact Ecosystem

The KPI Connect Contact EcoSystem

The KPI Contact Ecosystem is designed to increase profitability through a continuous live dialogue of independent and interconnected sales, call center service, and marketing conversations. Regardless if you are focused in one area, two or all three, designing the evolution of the conversation over your customers lifetime is the central focal point of the ecosystem. It simply aids you in acquiring, retaining and enhancing your customer's experience of your brand without interruption.

If your organization handles inbound calls or outbound contacts (i.e. calls, emails, text, etc.) attempts monthly, then we may just have what you're looking for in one of our award-winning Contact Centers.

Unified Communication Platform

At the heart of KPI's Contact Ecosystem is its Unified Communication Platform that comprises a top-rate, multi-milllion dollar telecommunications backbone managed by our in-house veteran IT team.

With more than 1 billion outbound contact activities and more than 525 million inbound contact activities processed, the Platform is responsible for routing and managing multiple communications, conversations, and data channels such as:

  • Inbound, outbound, and blended contact interactions
  • E-mail and text messaging management
  • Chat
  • Web management (forums, blogs, forms)
  • Interactive voice response
  • Desktop collaboration
  • Data transaction queuing and routing services

Technology Infrastructure

The award-winning, world-class technology infrastructure and framework of the Platform includes:

  • VOIP-enabled Vicidial/Asterisk phone system
  • Integrated Agent GUI interface allowing for customer based screen pops based on DNIS or ANI
  • Vicidial inbound/outbound dialer integrated with Sangoma Call Analyzer for AMD
  • Oreka digital recorder that captures a voice recording of every call
  • Oracle data warehouse
  • Nice/IEX Workforce Management software