KPI Connect's Marketing Service is rooted in enhancing the relationship with your customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, or others with whom you believe are vital to your company's profitability. Whether your marketing efforts are focused on retaining business, building loyalty, or other objectives, we invite you to evaluate our on-time, on-budget, in-scope marketing solutions.


The following options are available for all KPI Connect Marketing Program offerings:


As an extension of our multi-channel contact center services, KPI Connect offers a range of sensible marketing solutions intended to increase your customer outreach while enhancing the image and identity of your brand. All of our services are available in both English and French, and we maintain brand consistency during every interaction with your current and potential customers.


Outbound Product Announcements


When you need to spread the word about your business, our Outbound Product Announcement services are here to help you reach the largest possible audience quickly and efficiently. Lead generation is critical when establishing your brand. To enlarge your company's footprint, you need to communicate useful information about your products and services to the general public. At KPI Connect, we can do it for you on a variety of platforms in order to appeal to different demographics. Older customers may react favorably to more traditional campaigns like direct mailing or cold and warm calling, while the young crowd prefers text messaging and social media. We recognize the pulse of the market and we'll make it work for you.


Event Marketing


In a competitive marketplace, you have to capitalize on every chance to make a lasting impression. A smoothly executed event, designed to promote your product or service without coming across as a staged advertisement, can deliver that impact. At KPI Connect, our Event Marketing services provide a unique opportunity for your brand to engage with both prospective and existing customers while earning their trust and building long-lasting relationships. Depending on your requirements, our energetic and experienced team can do it all, spreading the word of your event through multiple channels to give your the desired exposed in your market.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Ignorance isn't bliss when you're trying to build your brand. Get the insight that delights with our Customer Satisfaction Survey services. If you want your business to grow, you have to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers and react accordingly. With years of experience in the field, we know the right questions to ask to get the suitable feedback that you need to strengthen your brand. In our hands, a quick survey to gauge customer reaction can go a long way to ensuring customer retention.


Email Marketing Campaigns


A necessary component of any modern marketing strategy, our Email Marketing Campaign services not only effectively promote your brand, they establish communication with potential customers and gather the information you need to compete in your industry. At KPI Connect, we avoid the pitfalls of blatant self-promotion and enable you to stand out in a crowded email inbox with clever, customized marketing guaranteed to grab a customer's attention. When you trust us with your campaign, we'll make sure your marketing emails don't suffer the fate of the delete button.



Our clients have experienced results of 115% target penetration for a survey running 12 months through KPI Connect's Marketing Service.