Outsourced Sales Call Services Company

At KPI Connect, our Sales Service is rooted in acquiring new business through sales conversations that keep you ahead in the race. Whether we are invited to be an extension of your selling team or your sole sales force, we recognize this is the first opportunity to set customer expectations of your offerings and to acquire long-term, profitable customers.

All KPI Connect Sales programs offer the following:

Inbound Website Lead Inquires

Our call center has experienced agents that will be familiar with your brand. You can rest assured that as our team follows up with inquiries, your leads will be handled with top-notch care, and with motivation to bring you new business.

Outbound Retention and Loyalty Campaigns

Many times the easiest sale to make, is the existing customer that you don't lose. Churn is an uncomfortable concept businesses are familiar with, and something we can help to reduce. Our call center reps are trained to identify with the customer, working to understand their mindset and needs. Our goal is your goal, which is to target and deal with whatever is causing the dissatisfaction and to retain them as a customer for years to come.

Outbound Upsell and Cross-sell Campaigns

Existing customers are the perfect place to go for additional sales. Someone that is already using your product is much more likely to purchase additional products that you offer, than a brand new prospect. Our agents strive to upsell your products, and explore cross-selling options with your clients. Our upselling and cross selling technique focuses on allowing the client to purchase more product at the appropriate price point, while explaining the increased value to them as the customer. Our agents are well equipped with the proper data ahead of time which allows them to successfully pitch the product and close the sale.

If accomplishing 167% of a B2B sales target in a fiscal year  - or - achieving 116% of an appointment scheduling target over the past 12 months are of interest, then we invite you to get in touch at 1-877-828-5057.