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At KPI Connect, we prioritize brand consistency and customer satisfaction in our mission statement. We believe that providing helpful and friendly service is crucial, regardless of the industry we work in. To ensure that we maintain our clients’ brand personalities, we draw upon our extensive knowledge gained from years of working as a call center company across different industries. We foster a collaborative atmosphere, which allows us to work closely with our clients and present a unified front. We take pride in offering high-quality service, and our team of talented and hard-working contact specialists strictly adhere to the standards and values of your brand. From recruitment to selection and training, our policies and procedures guarantee that your brand is consistently upheld.

The KPI Call Center provides customized calling services and are committed to working with our clients to achieve their goals. Our expertise includes campaign events and outbound call center services, and we have worked with clients from various industries.

Industries We Serve

Automotive Industry Customer Service

KPI'S Call Center offers many services targeted towards automotive, whether it be new events marketing or scheduling appointments. KPI can customize to fit your needs and wants while maintaining high quality service. 

Building Supply Companies

Services can include call center services that can answer technical or installation questions, customer satisfaction surveys, and even event marketing. 

Pharmacy Customer Service

Thanks to our extended hours, we can kindly and efficiently offer services that will assist customers in finding the information they need when they need it or any other call center services you may need.

Communications Customer Service

We can help build customer loyalty by providing high quality services. We also offer metrics and data supporting for all of your needs.

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Company's We Have Served