KPI Connect is a trusted, and valued partner for clients that include Fortune 1000, 500 and other global businesses.

Read what our clients say about the KPI Connect Experience.

"As improvements in technology have given our customers multiple ways to communicate their experiences in our stores to us, KPI Connect has always acted quickly in taking the steps necessary to maintain a quick response program for our company. The agents at KPI Connect, most with lengthy tenure, know our business. This trust allows us to rely on them as we would on any of our other Teammates. In todays business world 15 year partnerships are not necessarily commonplace; this alone is testimonial to the value we have placed on both the inbound and outbound services KPI Connect has provided our company through the years."

Jerry Lott
Director, Consumer Affairs
Government Relations & Quality Optimization

"KPI Connect has been instrumental in the implementation and execution of our quarterly outbound customer satisfaction survey, where they consistently deliver a 95% or better response with no survey fatigue from our customers. They also handle our inbound customer issues and complaints. The Calling Team is mature, professional and understands our business and customers. In fact, since our 2002 start with KPI Connect, most of the original KPI Connect agents are still here. They truly are an extension of us and bring high value."

Julee D. Swanson
Manager of Marketing & Sales Support

"With KPI Connect we have developed a specialized hybrid program that allows us to utilize our own reservation system and KPI Connect's center for overflow volume. This program is an invaluable asset. It allows us to focus on the more specialized customer and know with confidence that all customers are being taken care of. It's seamless and they do an excellent job of representing us. Their Reporting Portal puts real-time granular views at my fingertips and is integrated into my dashboard. KPI Connect is a valued partner!"

Kerry Renaud
President & COO