Social Media

The number one reason for companies not to get involved with social media is the lack of time. Both small and large corporations find it difficult to keep up with the daily changes across the platforms. It can also be challenging to find one person who is a great writer, a great editor, a great publisher, has in-depth technical knowledge and who takes the time to keep current with the evolving culture of each social network. For that reason, KPI Connect has a team of experts who will take the time to embrace your corporate culture and take your success to heart. Each team member's individual talents work together towards your company's goals. Our experts know the specifics to each social media culture and we will create with you a social media strategy that achieves your goals.

Social Media Logos

Start with your customized social media strategy.

At KPI Connect, we believe in the principle "if you lead they will follow". By demonstrating expertise and leadership online utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube you will engage a larger audience and influence more. If executed properly, social media can be a very effective way to grow loyal online and offline communities.

Branding your business is now a lot more affordable.

Creating a brand campaign using traditional marketing media such as print, television and radio advertising is expensive. Billboards and tradeshows are also expensive. Social media gives small to medium businesses the opportunity to build your brand affordably.

Transparency is the new reality.

Social media networks and technologies are transforming how business is done. Clients & potential clients alike follow & contribute to online discussions directly involving your company, regardless if you give permission or not. We at believe you should not only be aware of these discussions but should actively participate.

You're in good hands with KPI Connect as we guide you along the way.

The good news is we have a simple process to help businesses implement effective social media tactics. KPI Connect can not only help you develop your social media strategy, but will make sure you stay focused on your goals.

KPI Connect will take your social media strategy, implement it and maintain it every month. This is a fully managed service which would include the following:

  • Content creation
  • Campaign management
  • Finding sharable information
  • Building your community
  • Engaging your community
  • Monthly reporting on all activities
  • Proactive notification of negative comments
  • Monitor your keywords across social media networks
  • Social media network maintenance

Additional Services

Additional services that we provide are support, software development and measuring results using comprehensive social media software.

Monthly support & maintenance will include:

  • A dedicated account manager to assist with all the questions and implementation
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure social media objectives are being achieved
  • Monthly face-to-face meeting to report on productivity and effectiveness
  • Quarterly review & check point meeting

Benefits of using our Social Media Management Software

  • Engage and reach the customer on multiple platforms
  • Powerful tracking and analytics
  • Brand across multiple social media networks
  • Message scheduling and auto-responders
  • Brand monitoring
  • Report on your social media activities