The Drawbacks of an In-House Call Center

Regardless of what kind of business you are running, you need a prompt and efficient customer service department. You can foster stronger customer relations, boost your retention rates, and increase your loyalty to your brand with solid customer service.

However, as your business expands, you experience growing pains. For example, there are more questions and feedback from your customer base. If your customer service department is not quite prepared to deal with these demands, your company’s image is at stake.

Sometimes, in-house call enters work. But, the shortcomings of in-house show when a business is growing. Before getting to that point, examine all the potential drawbacks of maintaining a call center in-house.

Time Requirements

Time is a crucial resource in all aspects of business, especially customer service.

Running a call center in-house requires a considerable amount of time from your employees. They answer every call and every question, and hear all the feedback.

With an in-house call center, your employees get tied to the phones. Employees do not have as much time to attend to other vital duties that they have.

A simple solution to this problem is outsourcing the call center duties. Then, your in-house staff can return their attention to more vital tasks to keep the company running in top form. What’s more, when you outsource, all your call center duties get handled by trained professionals. Their primary focus is dealing with everything that customer service entails.

Hiring Call Center Exclusive Staff

Often, businesses are not able to afford to assign current employees to call center duties. In that case, the next step is hiring and training staff for the call center. You require IT experts and HR agents in order to make everything run well. Unfortunately, the choice to hire staff to handle the in-house call center is not easy. It has a big price tag attached, especially if extensive training is needed.

Rather than going through the entire recruitment, hiring, and training process, outsourcing your call center can actually cost you less in the long run. You get access to agents that are already trained in customer service and call center technology. You can save money without paying for training, IT, and HR requirements.

The Cost of Call-Center Infrastructure

Incorporating call center infrastructure into your current business is quite expensive. Consider everything required for essential call center operations: good office space, agent workstations, and all needed technology and hardware. Costs like that are are an intense drain of resources. What is more, the costs will increase over the years due to upgrade necessity and maintenance requirements.

When you outsource your call center, you can spare those costs. In addition, outsourcing is more affordable in the years to come. Your outsourcing company handles all upgrades and maintenance. Yet another thing to remove from your to-do list!

Outsourcing is the Solution

Dealing with customer service in-house is not a small task. Customer service requires real commitment, funding and time that you may not be able to spare.

An argument in favour of in-house call centers is the aspect of control. But, if you choose to partner with a good, trusted company like KPI Connect, that is not an issue. Instead, the company will work together with you in order to ensure that all call center operations are how want them. Call KPI Connect to find out how we can help you.

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