The Drawbacks of an In-House Call Center

Regardless of what kind of business you are running, you need a prompt and efficient customer service department. You can foster stronger customer relations, boost your retention rates, and increase your loyalty to your brand with solid customer service.

However, as your business expands, you experience growing pains. For example, there are more questions and feedback from your customer base. If your customer service department is not quite prepared to deal with these demands, your company’s image is at stake.

Sometimes, in-house call enters work. But, the shortcomings of in-house show when a business is growing. Before getting to that point, examine all the potential drawbacks of maintaining a call center in-house.

Time Requirements

Time is a crucial resource in all aspects of business, especially customer service.

Running a call center in-house requires a considerable amount of time from your employees. They answer every call and every question, and hear all the feedback.

With an in-house call center, your employees get tied to the phones. Employees do not have as much time to attend to other vital duties that they have.

A simple solution to this problem is outsourcing the call center duties. Then, your in-house staff can return their attention to more vital tasks to keep the company running in top form. What’s more, when you outsource, all your call center duties get handled by trained professionals. Their primary focus is dealing with everything that customer service entails.

Hiring Call Center Exclusive Staff

Often, businesses are not able to afford to assign current employees to call center duties. In that case, the next step is hiring and training staff for the call center. You require IT experts and HR agents in order to make everything run well. Unfortunately, the choice to hire staff to handle the in-house call center is not easy. It has a big price tag attached, especially if extensive training is needed.

Rather than going through the entire recruitment, hiring, and training process, outsourcing your call center can actually cost you less in the long run. You get access to agents that are already trained in customer service and call center technology. You can save money without paying for training, IT, and HR requirements.

The Cost of Call-Center Infrastructure

Incorporating call center infrastructure into your current business is quite expensive. Consider everything required for essential call center operations: good office space, agent workstations, and all needed technology and hardware. Costs like that are are an intense drain of resources. What is more, the costs will increase over the years due to upgrade necessity and maintenance requirements.

When you outsource your call center, you can spare those costs. In addition, outsourcing is more affordable in the years to come. Your outsourcing company handles all upgrades and maintenance. Yet another thing to remove from your to-do list!

Outsourcing is the Solution

Dealing with customer service in-house is not a small task. Customer service requires real commitment, funding and time that you may not be able to spare.

An argument in favour of in-house call centers is the aspect of control. But, if you choose to partner with a good, trusted company like KPI Connect, that is not an issue. Instead, the company will work together with you in order to ensure that all call center operations are how want them. Call KPI Connect to find out how we can help you.

Professional Call Center Etiquette

With how much modern communication takes place on a screen, proper telephone manners often falls away. Texts, emails, online chats and social media are so popular. Since voice contact still accounts for a large daily part of business, professional call centers value a respectful approach talking to customers on the phone. Good call centers are built from the way they conduct themselves on the phone. You need a unique set of skills and adherence to guidelines.

First Impressions Count

Call center agents are not only ensuring that calls get answered quickly, but also serving as first contact between the brand they represent and the customer. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. You need to put your best foot forward when the phone rings. Since many people hang up if their call goes unanswered within five or six rings, you need to answer the phone quickly. That way, you will not lose possible clients and give the indication that the company is slow or does not care.

Polite and Friendly Call Centers

Keep in mind that the client’s experience with you will form their first opinion of the company you represent. Adopt a polite and informative disposition and pair it with a helpful, confident tone. Conversing on the phone is different than face-to-face or online communication. There is no visible body language or facial expressions that one can use to help get one’s point across. You also do not get as much time to form a response.

Professional phone conversations hinge on the manner in which you conduct your tone of voice. Remember, what you say is as important as how you say it.

Know Your Stuff

Make sure you know what you plan to say before each call. You will find it useful to take the guesswork out of the equation with standardized greetings. They will feel welcome, appreciated, and reassured. Then, you can pay attention to what the customer says and provide assistance where you can. If they need to be transferred to another department, be certain that you make the right connection and introduce the customer by explaining their concerns so that they do not have to repeat their story to the next person.

Permission to Hold

We have all been there – your call finally gets picked up, only to immediately be banished to “hold purgatory” with nary a word. It is disappointing, confusing, and aggravating. If you answer the phone under less-than-ideal circumstances and absolutely need to put the caller on hold right away, always ask first. As long as you answer politely, thank them for calling, and ask respectfully if they would not mind holding, most people are willing to wait a few extra moments to receive your undivided attention. They will not wait forever though, so try not to leave them on hold for longer than 45 seconds.

The Right Ending

When the call is coming to an end, remain warm and patient and refrain from rushing the customer off the line. Once you have asked if you can provide any further assistance, thank the customer for their call and use their name to firmly establish a personal connection as you wish them all the best for the rest of their day. Finally, do not terminate the call until the customer hangs up. By practicing proper phone etiquette, you can help to create a long-lasting relationship between company and customer.

At KPI Connect we have trained all our staff in proper phone etiquette to be sure that they are representing your brand with the out-most respect to your customers.

How Outsourcing Customer Service Calls Can Increase Efficiency Company-Wide

How your company’s customer service calls are handled can either make or break your business. A lot of companies simply do not have the equipment, resources, training or manpower to handle high call volume. You may need to carefully consider how to best handle this crucial issue. One of the best options is outsourcing the customer service calls to a call center.


Here are some ways outsourcing customer service calls can increase efficiency:


Efficiently answer more calls


During peak call times, when the call volume is the highest, it can be hard for the handful of in-house employees to answer every call. They also may not have the training and experience to get through a call quickly enough to answer the next one before the customer hangs up due to long wait times. Another thing to consider is that when your office closes, there is no one present to answer calls.


Outsourcing solves all of these problems because call centers have numerous employees to field calls, making sure that none of them are missed.  Even after-hours calls can be answered due to the extended hours availability of the call center.



Increased customer satisfaction


If your employees are missing calls, or taking too long on calls, this has a negative effect on your customers’ satisfaction levels. Understandably, your customers will be less likely to call if no one answers the phone, or if they are put on hold for a long period of time.


By outsourcing to a call center, you ensure that the calls will be answered and completed in a timely manner. What is more, call center employees are trained to handle customer service calls courteously and uphold the integrity of your brand. This means that customers will be more likely to have a better customer service experience, and they will be more likely to give you repeat business.



Save money in operating costs


There are lots of expenses to take into account when setting up a customer service line. For instance, you may need a space that is separate from the rest of your business to ensure that there is not extra noise in the background. This could result in the need of renting or buying a larger office space. Equipment such as computers, headsets, handsets, dialers, boxes, etc. will need to be purchased and set up. Extra employees will need to be hired and trained to man the phones, as well. Call centers already have established buildings, equipment, supplies and employees that are well trained and experienced professionals, saving you time, money, and stress.



Increased productivity in your employees


If your employees are answering phones along with performing their other essential job duties, it is quite probable that they will become overworked and stressed out. Not only that, when employees are stretched too thin, their job performance suffers. By juggling too many duties at once, they are sure to miss something or produce lower quality work than usual.


Delegation is an extremely useful skill that all managers and business owners learn to utilize at some point. By outsourcing your customer service calls to a call center, you free your employees up to do their jobs. They will be happier and produce better work for you, which is not only good for your company, but for your customers, as well.


So, for all these reasons and more, outsourcing your calls will actually make your company more efficient, save you both time and money, and increase your customers’ satisfaction levels. You can rest assured that your employees’ jobs are easier, and your customers will be happier, which is every business’s goal.


Call KPI Connect to help increase your business’ productivity today!

Why You Should Outsource Your Overflow

Call volume for any business fluctuates from day to day. Some days you may have little to no calls, however, other days you may have very high call volume. If you are not prepared to deal with the number of calls you are receiving, you may end up missing calls, which is bad for business. Every missed call is potentially money lost, whether they are customer service calls or sales calls. So, it is extremely important to take call volume into account for your business.


Here are some of the benefits when you outsource your overflow to a call center like KPI Connect.


Customer Satisfaction


When a customer calls to make a complaint, ask a question or to make a purchase, they expect someone to answer that call. If your in-house staff gets swamped and does not get to the phone in time to answer, it understandably leads to unhappy customers. Satisfied customers and good customer service lead to returning customers and can even generate new customers due to customers recommending your company to other people.


Peak Hours and Extended Hour/After Hours Operation


Sometimes peak hours are affected by things like seasonal sales, customers having questions or problems with new products, or your business hours. During peak call hours, it can be extremely hard to answer every call. A call center is better adapted to handle them such times as these. They can also handle your calls after your business is closed for the day because they can have extended hours. This means that even more of your calls will be answered.


Lower Training and Equipment Costs for Your Company


Training your employees to handle customers’ calls in a polite, professional manner while also solving customers’ problems and complaints can become a large business expense. The equipment and supplies add up, as well. This is entirely avoided by outsourcing your overflow to a call center. They are already established, meaning their staff is already trained and they already have the facility, complete with the necessary equipment.


Call Center Employees will be Trained on Your Brand


Your company’s values and brand do not have to be compromised if you make the decision to outsource. By telling the outsourcing company what your values are and what you do and do not want, they will have the ability to represent your company fully. Together you can write a script for your company that the representatives will stick to while on the phone with your customers, which also gives them the opportunity to advertise more of your services and products while ensuring no call goes unanswered.


Sales and Profits


You may assume that outsourcing will cost more money than it will make for your company. On the contrary, it can actually make you more in profits. By simply answering the calls during peak hours and after hours, there is understandably more money to be made on sales because more customers are attended to and fewer calls are missed. The less calls that are missed, the more money there is to be made.


Employee Happiness


An over-worked employee is often not a productive employee. Managing phone calls can be time consuming and can be hard to manage along with all of the other business operations on a day to day basis, leaving your employees stressed out. You do not have to let the quality of your customer service slide, or other business operations become less effective. Outsourcing your overflow calls will free up workload and cause your in-house staff to be happier and more productive.


Making the decision to outsource your overflow calls is nothing to take lightly. Lots of people have reservations about outsourcing, but it can be a very agreeable arrangement for both you and the company you outsource to. By expressing your values and concerns to the company you are considering outsourcing to, you can rest assured that they will be heard and adhered to.


Outsourcing can maximize your profits, create a happier and more productive workplace for your employees, and save you money. When you outsource to KPI Connect, you will also be provided with the results of the calls that can tell you what is working and what is not. So, for all these reasons and more, you should consider outsourcing if you are concerned about your call volume, overflow, and your customers.