How a Building Supply Company Benefits from Outsourced Customer Service

There are lots of gimmicks and features that are being used by building supply companies these days making it hard to compete without them. Maintaining the same standard of quality customer service and working to guarantee that your customers receive a high level of service every day, can be challenging with all of the things that your employees do on a daily basis. There is one way that you can provide better customer service; through outsourcing customer service calls.


It is pretty well-known that building supply companies thrive when customers feel like they are receiving great customer service. Oftentimes, even if another company offers a lower price, loyal customers will keep coming to one store for their building supplies, simply because they like the treatment they get there. And, it is no secret that a lot of business in building supply stores comes from word of mouth. If one contractor has a good customer service experience with your business, you could see a lot more business from them and all of their friends.


Here is where outsourcing comes in. It may seem contradictory to hand off your customer service calls to someone else when you have worked for years to develop the way that your employees interact with customers, but it is really not. Call center employees, like those here at KPI Connect, are able to efficiently handle customer service because they have lots of experience and training, specifically on phone communication, that your employees likely do not. Furthermore, the call center can protect your brand by learning how you already interact with your customers, what to say and what not to, in order to become excellent representatives of your business.


Associates at a call center can help to provide you with an increase of repeat and loyal customers. This is because they know how to solve a customer’s problems over the phone quickly and precisely, while being friendly and respectful. They can also eliminate hold times that plague different departments. Not only that, they can give your customers extra attention that your employees likely do not have time to. Your cashier likely does not have time to ring people up and call someone back to see if their problem was resolved. However, call center associates can give them those callbacks, which often leave customers feeling just like someone has went that extra mile to make sure they are satisfied.


Not only can outsourcing provide better customer satisfaction results, call centers can prove the results to you. By conducting customer satisfaction surveys and supplying you with detailed analytics, call centers can assure you that they are getting results that you will be happy with. Even without these reports, you will likely be able to look around your store and see for yourself the results of customers who feel that they have received a high level of customer service.


Without having to answer the phones, your employees will have a less burdensome and stressful workload, which will make them happier to be there. This also means that they will be more likely to provide better customer service when face-to-face with your customers. In the end, what is more important than happy employees and happy customers? Call KPI Connect to see how we can help your building supply company have top quality customer service today!


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