Should You Outsource Customer Complaint Handling?

Nowadays, companies undergo extensive scrutiny and can suffer significant consequences if customer complaints are poorly handled. For this reason, many businesses are unwilling to outsource their complaints management because they do not think that a different company will do the job appropriately. However, outsourcing customer complaints is a great option for many companies.


Complaints handled quickly by experienced agents


If there is a complaint, the customer experience has already been challenged. Adverse consequences, both financial and reputational, could emerge if complaints are managed ineffectively. Complaints must be resolved quickly, carefully and objectively. Because of this, the complaints department in any company needs to have the proper systems, skilled agents, sound management and insightful processes for reporting.

With so much at stake, some honest consideration of internal abilities must be undertaken in order to choose the best solution. Decision-makers need to analyze both the current performance regarding customer complaint handling within the company and the outsourcer’s capabilities.


There are many different reasons why companies decide to outsource their complaint handling:


  • Internal processes do not always have accountability – When internal processes do not have sufficient control, this situation can result in crucial actions falling through the cracks and or the next step in resolving the issue is missed.
  • Internally created systems can have flaws – These flaws may not be noticed until restrictions are shown and unexpected requests indicate that improvements have to be made.
  • Insufficient staff – As a consequence of considerable growth in complaint volumes, the number of skilled employees to handle these types of calls could be scarce, and this could mean more dissatisfied customers because their complaints are not being handled properly.

When such challenges exist internally, choosing an outsourcing agency that is already well established in customer complaints is a good idea. Partnering with an experienced company that has the volume of employees required to invest heavily in developing complaint handling systems could substantially reduce workload and resource requirements.


Some businesses may currently already have a complaint handling department, so these companies may only consider outsourcing to maintain high standards during peak periods or to help reduce costs.


Whatever the reason for outsourcing the process of complaint handling, the secret to overall success is selecting a partner that shares common objectives with your business. The outsourcer has to offer a management team you can trust and work with in order to positively enhance your reputation and brand.


KPI Connect has highly experienced complaint professionals that work on behalf of a number of clients, including well-known brands. Our agents are dedicated, highly skilled and culturally aligned. They are capable of dealing with an extensive range of complaints, from expressions of dissatisfaction to executive complaints. KPI Connect ensures that the right action is taken at the right time and prioritizes complaints.


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