Reasons to Outsource Recall Planning and Management

Whenever a product is recalled, there are always complications that need to be sorted through in order to have a successful process execution. Effectively managing a product recall requires extensive experience as well as the know-how, training, equipment and technology required in order to see the recall through from beginning to resolution.

It is not unusual to see companies swiftly become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required in order to handle a recall, which is one of the main reasons that many organizations choose to outsource recall planning and management.


Less Drain on Internal Resources


Should an organization decide to handle a recall in-house, it will inevitably lead to a drain on internal resources as staff will be required to juggle the duties of the product recall in addition to their existing duties. This can lead to employee burnout, as well as a deficiency in their overall performance. Then, as a result of the in-efficiency, a downturn in client satisfaction. By opting to outsource recall management and planning, you can keep your staff focused on their day-to-day tasks and keep all other resources focused on maintaining your company’s daily functions.


Training and Expertise Exclusive to Product Recalls


Another benefit of outsourcing all duties associated with product recalls is, that you will be working with teams of people who have all the knowledge and skill required to manage every step of the recall process.


This includes:


Complete and Extensive Planning – When you outsource product recall management, the call center you work with will undertake the considerable task of planning out every step of the recall operation. This includes drafting a feasible timetable, constructing a plan of action from notification to fulfillment, and creating strategies to handle any complications that may arise along the way.


Full Call Center Services – The call center you partner with can handle every incoming and outgoing calls related to the product recall. In addition, you will get access to a full suite of administrative and support services, including initial recall notifications to everyone affected by the recall such as consumers, supply chains, and retailers.


The Benefits of Outsourcing


Attempting to manage and plan a product recall in-house will likely result in a process that is unnecessarily prolonged. The longer it takes to reach fulfillment, the greater the risk for the company in question. A drawn-out recall process can lead to negative exposure, decline in reputation, greater hazards for consumers affected by the recall, and even hefty fines. In order to prevent situations such as these, many organizations choose to outsource all product recall planning and management duties to call centers that are highly specialized, efficient, and reputable.


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