How Outsourcing Appointment Scheduling Can Assist Your Organization

A crucial part of the foundation for a successful business is appointment scheduling. Being able to set appointments quickly and accurately is a basic need with large businesses, smaller organizations and start-ups. For increased effectiveness, many companies look into taking it one step further by outsourcing their appointment scheduling, a decision which proves beneficial in a number of different ways.


No Diversion of Internal Resources


Keeping the task of appointment scheduling in house may seem like a sound decision, but it is actually diverting your internal resources. Your staff will be taking time away from their day to day duties of running your business. This is not an efficient use of time and can be detrimental to your company’s ability to maintain satisfaction with current clientele. Outsourcing appointment scheduling frees up your internal sales and front desk team, which in turn will lead to higher productivity. Increased customer satisfaction is another benefit of outsourcing, as your staff will be able to respond more promptly to inquiries and problems.


A Cost-Effective Approach


Deciding to partner with a call center to outsource appointment scheduling is a far more cost-effective decision compared to the internal alternative. There is no need to purchase any of the technology or equipment required for outbound appointment calling. What’s more, an outsourcing company will oversee its own staff, meaning that you do not have to worry about the additional costs of management.



Follow-up and Educating


An outsourcing partner, such as KPI Connect, will also have trained, educated and experienced staff that can perform cold calls, which means that they will be ready to touch base with your clients in a reliable and positive manner.


Extended Hours Availability


In the world of business, being available outside if the standard 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM work day is essential. By choosing to outsource appointment scheduling, you will be able to set a wider number of hours of availability, helping to ensure that your clients will be able to speak to an agent. This kind of access is very difficult to achieve in an internal setting as you will need more staff or cause the efficiency of your staff to lessen by diverting them from their existing clients.


Automated Reminders


If your company relies on appointments with clients, automated reminders are another benefit of outsourcing an appointment scheduling service. Instead of your internal team having to schedule and keep track of making reminder calls, the call center you outsource with will handle them all. This ensures timeliness and reliability, which are both things your clients will appreciate.

Varied and Focused Skills


Appointment scheduling call centers have trained specialists that can provide your business with additional areas of expertise such as:

  • Problem negotiation and resolution
  • Follow-up calling
  • Providing information and educating clients on the nature of your business
  • Providing in-depth explanation of products and services


Outsourcing Appointment Scheduling Services


At KPI Connect, we have over 17 years of experience that will prove an asset regarding your appointment scheduling needs. All of our agents have the extensive knowledge and training they need in order to handle your requirements. We will take on the task of managing appointment scheduling so that your business can focus on building and growing your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Data Entry

Your company collects, processes and reports data every day. Since data can arrive in different forms, a lot of tasks can fall into the definition of data entry. The traditional aspect of this service is transferring information located in handwritten and printed documents into a computer. However, now it also includes PDF conversion, scanning, data capture, indexing, data extraction and analysis, order processing, internet research and email mining, among others.

Data entry is usually perceived as the task of just copying and pasting information, but much of the important skills required for the job are almost imperceptible. The teams involved with specific projects must have a familiarity with all the relevant terminology and the background of the products. Precision, efficiency and attention to detail are necessary skills in data entry, as well as accuracy and a good typing speed.

Due to the multiple aspects of data entry, it is not always possible to find a team in-house capable of covering all the tasks appropriately. Between the experience and the skills demanded to achieve your company’s data entry requirements, sometimes it is easier to outsource the talent needed. KPI Connect, an award winning full-featured contact center, is here to offer a solution.

By outsourcing your data entry to KPI Connect, your company will be able to achieve outstanding productivity thanks to a trained data entry team. At the same time, your company can take advantage of the time released to concentrate the in-house resources in core business ventures and goals.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your data entry.




Finding and acquiring skilled resources, implies that your company should dedicate a lot of organizational infrastructure and funds in order to put together an efficient team. To execute a similar project on a contractual basis with KPI Connect means that there is no need to change the organizational infrastructure of the company, and that the funds invested are going to be less significant than those spent with an in-house team. KPI Connect will help your company save time and money, while providing high quality services with the best professionals.




Data entry entails a high amount of security and diligence. Strict processes should be followed to ensure high levels of exactitude without losing information. KPI Connect has security protocols embedded in each workflow in order to offer customized business process management for your company. Since 1994, KPI Connect Ltd has been the vendor of choice for companies looking to outsource their data entry jobs. One of the driving factors for this is the reliable process management that the company provides.




It is very likely that your company does not require huge volumes of data to be processed constantly. The volumes of it fluctuate from day to day, and there may be times when there is little data to be processed. In that situation, hiring and retaining staff for data entry tasks could be expensive and impractical. KPI Connect offers the opportunity of creating bigger or smaller teams depending on the current needs of your company, no strings attached.


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