The Drawbacks of an In-House Call Center

Regardless of what kind of business you are running, having a prompt and efficient customer service department is imperative. There is no better way to foster strong customer relations, boost your retention rates, and increase loyalty to your brand than through solid customer service. However, as your business expands you will likely come across the expected growing pains, such as more questions and feedback from your consumer base. If your customer service department is not fully prepared to deal with these demands, it can seriously damage your company’s image and reputation.


An in-house call center can work in certain situations, but when a business experiences growth, the shortcomings of keeping it in-house quickly become apparent. Before getting to that point, it is a better idea to examine all the potential drawbacks of maintaining a call center in-house.


Time Requirements


Time is a resource that is crucial in all aspects of business, and doubly so when it comes to customer service. Running a call center in-house will require considerable amounts of time from your employees. Every call from a customer must be received, every question answered, and all feedback heard. With an in-house call center, this means that you employees are tied to the phones, which doesn’t leave them with much time to attend to any other important or day-to-day duties that they may have.


A simple solution to this problem is outsourcing the call center duties. Once you do so, your in-house staff can return their attention to the tasks that are vital to keeping your company running in top form. What is more, when you outsource, all your call center duties will be handled by trained professionals whose primary focus is dealing with everything that customer service entails.


Hiring Call Center Exclusive Staff


Some businesses can’t afford to assign their existing employees to call center duties. If that is the case, the next step is to hire and train staff exclusive to the call center. You will also require IT experts and HR agents in order to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, the choice to hire staff to handle all aspects of the in-house call center is something that comes with a hefty price tag attached, particularly if extensive training is needed.


Rather than going through the entire recruitment, hiring, and training process, outsourcing your call center can actually cost you less in the long run. You will get access to agents that are already trained in customer service and call center technology, saving you the cost of training and IT and HR requirements.


The Cost of Call-Center Infrastructure


Incorporating call center infrastructure into your existing business is going to be a large expense, and not one that should be taken lightly. Consider everything that is required for essential call center operations: adequate office space, agent workstations, and all relevant technology and hardware. These costs can be an incredible drain on your resources and what is more, those costs will likely increase over the years due to upgrade necessity and maintenance requirements.


Outsourcing your call center needs can spare you these costs and in addition, be a far more affordable solution in the years to come. All maintenance and upgrades will be dealt with by the outsourcing company, removing that particular problem from your yearly to-do list.


Outsourcing is the Solution


Dealing with customer service in-house is no small task and will require serious commitment, funding, and time that you, your employees, and your business may not be able to spare. An argument in favor of in-house call centers is the aspect of control, but if you choose to partner with a reliable, trusted outsourcing company, like KPI Connect, that will not be an issue. Instead, the company will work together with you in order to ensure that all call center operations are handled exactly the way you want. Call KPI Connect to find out how we can help you.

How Outsourcing Customer Service Calls Can Increase Efficiency Company-Wide

How your company’s customer service calls are handled can either make or break your business. A lot of companies simply do not have the equipment, resources, training or manpower to handle high call volume. You may need to carefully consider how to best handle this crucial issue. One of the best options is outsourcing the customer service calls to a call center.


Here are some ways outsourcing customer service calls can increase efficiency:


Efficiently answer more calls


During peak call times, when the call volume is the highest, it can be hard for the handful of in-house employees to answer every call. They also may not have the training and experience to get through a call quickly enough to answer the next one before the customer hangs up due to long wait times. Another thing to consider is that when your office closes, there is no one present to answer calls.


Outsourcing solves all of these problems because call centers have numerous employees to field calls, making sure that none of them are missed.  Even after-hours calls can be answered due to the extended hours availability of the call center.



Increased customer satisfaction


If your employees are missing calls, or taking too long on calls, this has a negative effect on your customers’ satisfaction levels. Understandably, your customers will be less likely to call if no one answers the phone, or if they are put on hold for a long period of time.


By outsourcing to a call center, you ensure that the calls will be answered and completed in a timely manner. What is more, call center employees are trained to handle customer service calls courteously and uphold the integrity of your brand. This means that customers will be more likely to have a better customer service experience, and they will be more likely to give you repeat business.



Save money in operating costs


There are lots of expenses to take into account when setting up a customer service line. For instance, you may need a space that is separate from the rest of your business to ensure that there is not extra noise in the background. This could result in the need of renting or buying a larger office space. Equipment such as computers, headsets, handsets, dialers, boxes, etc. will need to be purchased and set up. Extra employees will need to be hired and trained to man the phones, as well. Call centers already have established buildings, equipment, supplies and employees that are well trained and experienced professionals, saving you time, money, and stress.



Increased productivity in your employees


If your employees are answering phones along with performing their other essential job duties, it is quite probable that they will become overworked and stressed out. Not only that, when employees are stretched too thin, their job performance suffers. By juggling too many duties at once, they are sure to miss something or produce lower quality work than usual.


Delegation is an extremely useful skill that all managers and business owners learn to utilize at some point. By outsourcing your customer service calls to a call center, you free your employees up to do their jobs. They will be happier and produce better work for you, which is not only good for your company, but for your customers, as well.


So, for all these reasons and more, outsourcing your calls will actually make your company more efficient, save you both time and money, and increase your customers’ satisfaction levels. You can rest assured that your employees’ jobs are easier, and your customers will be happier, which is every business’s goal.


Call KPI Connect to help increase your business’ productivity today!

Why You Should Outsource Your Overflow

Call volume for any business fluctuates from day to day. Some days you may have little to no calls, however, other days you may have very high call volume. If you are not prepared to deal with the number of calls you are receiving, you may end up missing calls, which is bad for business. Every missed call is potentially money lost, whether they are customer service calls or sales calls. So, it is extremely important to take call volume into account for your business.


Here are some of the benefits when you outsource your overflow to a call center like KPI Connect.


Customer Satisfaction


When a customer calls to make a complaint, ask a question or to make a purchase, they expect someone to answer that call. If your in-house staff gets swamped and does not get to the phone in time to answer, it understandably leads to unhappy customers. Satisfied customers and good customer service lead to returning customers and can even generate new customers due to customers recommending your company to other people.


Peak Hours and Extended Hour/After Hours Operation


Sometimes peak hours are affected by things like seasonal sales, customers having questions or problems with new products, or your business hours. During peak call hours, it can be extremely hard to answer every call. A call center is better adapted to handle them such times as these. They can also handle your calls after your business is closed for the day because they can have extended hours. This means that even more of your calls will be answered.


Lower Training and Equipment Costs for Your Company


Training your employees to handle customers’ calls in a polite, professional manner while also solving customers’ problems and complaints can become a large business expense. The equipment and supplies add up, as well. This is entirely avoided by outsourcing your overflow to a call center. They are already established, meaning their staff is already trained and they already have the facility, complete with the necessary equipment.


Call Center Employees will be Trained on Your Brand


Your company’s values and brand do not have to be compromised if you make the decision to outsource. By telling the outsourcing company what your values are and what you do and do not want, they will have the ability to represent your company fully. Together you can write a script for your company that the representatives will stick to while on the phone with your customers, which also gives them the opportunity to advertise more of your services and products while ensuring no call goes unanswered.


Sales and Profits


You may assume that outsourcing will cost more money than it will make for your company. On the contrary, it can actually make you more in profits. By simply answering the calls during peak hours and after hours, there is understandably more money to be made on sales because more customers are attended to and fewer calls are missed. The less calls that are missed, the more money there is to be made.


Employee Happiness


An over-worked employee is often not a productive employee. Managing phone calls can be time consuming and can be hard to manage along with all of the other business operations on a day to day basis, leaving your employees stressed out. You do not have to let the quality of your customer service slide, or other business operations become less effective. Outsourcing your overflow calls will free up workload and cause your in-house staff to be happier and more productive.


Making the decision to outsource your overflow calls is nothing to take lightly. Lots of people have reservations about outsourcing, but it can be a very agreeable arrangement for both you and the company you outsource to. By expressing your values and concerns to the company you are considering outsourcing to, you can rest assured that they will be heard and adhered to.


Outsourcing can maximize your profits, create a happier and more productive workplace for your employees, and save you money. When you outsource to KPI Connect, you will also be provided with the results of the calls that can tell you what is working and what is not. So, for all these reasons and more, you should consider outsourcing if you are concerned about your call volume, overflow, and your customers.


Why You Should Outsource Online Chat Support

We all know how competitive the modern world can be. The majority of companies in North America are always offering more and more benefits to attract the highest possible number of customers. In order to keep ahead of the competition, it is important to provide outstanding support to your clientele. For this reason, sometimes the best option for any business is to outsource parts of their customer service.


Today, the quickest way for customers to get in touch with your business and for you to be able to respond to your customers almost instantly, is by offering them the opportunity to connect with a multi-channel support system. If your business’s current support system is not providing such services yet, it is time to rethink the way you handle your customer support.


Here is why you should consider outsourcing the services of online chat support.


Personalized customer support


Professionals who work with online chat support are highly qualified to offer the best experience when it comes to your customers. The live agents are well trained to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction by offering a personalized service to every client. This way, through optimized online conversations aimed at satisfying the clientele, the service not only speeds up the process of handling customer inquiries, but it also contributes to a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. The public is demanding faster and faster responses from businesses, and online chat is one of the fastest ways to inquire and receive and answer. Online chat support systems then allow you to channel them to other branches of the company if necessary, creating support tickets, or connecting them with your sales department.


A boost in online sales


The majority of customers consider safety as a concern when purchasing online. For this reason, the presence of an online chat support in your website will certainly provide a considerable boost in your sales by adding a “person” into the process. Qualified personnel will ensure that any prospective clients feel confident enough to place their trust in your organization. The agent will not only handle the consumer’s demands in a professional way, but they will also deal with any technical issues. This in turn will lead to ongoing purchases and an increase in the number of transactions.


It measures customer satisfaction


One of the most important things to consider in any type of business is the level of satisfaction of the customer. Consequently, receiving regular feedback is absolutely indispensable. However, in order to be able to understand your client’s needs and supply them with a better service if necessary, it is important to count on a platform that can manage the service without being invasive. Automatic feedback prompts at the conclusion of the chat can provide invaluable information about the quality of service of the agent, and other customizable data.


For this reason, online chat support is a fantastic way to collect information regarding the satisfaction of your customers. A trained web chat support agent can turn an unpleasant experience into a great one, simply by communicating quickly and increasing the troubleshooting efficiency.


It is cost-effective


Despite the advantage of connecting to the client in a non-invasive and dynamic way while offering a remarkable personalized service, an outsourced online chat support can be an extremely affordable alternative. This type of service enables one single live agent to communicate with multiple clients at once, providing all the support necessary for a trustworthy interaction.


An outsourced online chat support is an excellent method of quickly satisfying customer inquiries, with the added benefits of reducing costs and resources. At KPI Connect we will ensure that your customers will always have the ability to connect with a live professional to handle any situation that arises.



Reasons to Outsource Recall Planning and Management

Whenever a product is recalled, there are always complications that need to be sorted through in order to have a successful process execution. Effectively managing a product recall requires extensive experience as well as the know-how, training, equipment and technology required in order to see the recall through from beginning to resolution.

It is not unusual to see companies swiftly become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required in order to handle a recall, which is one of the main reasons that many organizations choose to outsource recall planning and management.


Less Drain on Internal Resources


Should an organization decide to handle a recall in-house, it will inevitably lead to a drain on internal resources as staff will be required to juggle the duties of the product recall in addition to their existing duties. This can lead to employee burnout, as well as a deficiency in their overall performance. Then, as a result of the in-efficiency, a downturn in client satisfaction. By opting to outsource recall management and planning, you can keep your staff focused on their day-to-day tasks and keep all other resources focused on maintaining your company’s daily functions.


Training and Expertise Exclusive to Product Recalls


Another benefit of outsourcing all duties associated with product recalls is, that you will be working with teams of people who have all the knowledge and skill required to manage every step of the recall process.


This includes:


Complete and Extensive Planning – When you outsource product recall management, the call center you work with will undertake the considerable task of planning out every step of the recall operation. This includes drafting a feasible timetable, constructing a plan of action from notification to fulfillment, and creating strategies to handle any complications that may arise along the way.


Full Call Center Services – The call center you partner with can handle every incoming and outgoing calls related to the product recall. In addition, you will get access to a full suite of administrative and support services, including initial recall notifications to everyone affected by the recall such as consumers, supply chains, and retailers.


The Benefits of Outsourcing


Attempting to manage and plan a product recall in-house will likely result in a process that is unnecessarily prolonged. The longer it takes to reach fulfillment, the greater the risk for the company in question. A drawn-out recall process can lead to negative exposure, decline in reputation, greater hazards for consumers affected by the recall, and even hefty fines. In order to prevent situations such as these, many organizations choose to outsource all product recall planning and management duties to call centers that are highly specialized, efficient, and reputable.


When you hire KPI Connect you will get a company that is fully equipped with the resources your company will need to handle your product recall.



Should You Outsource Customer Complaint Handling?

Nowadays, companies undergo extensive scrutiny and can suffer significant consequences if customer complaints are poorly handled. For this reason, many businesses are unwilling to outsource their complaints management because they do not think that a different company will do the job appropriately. However, outsourcing customer complaints is a great option for many companies.


Complaints handled quickly by experienced agents


If there is a complaint, the customer experience has already been challenged. Adverse consequences, both financial and reputational, could emerge if complaints are managed ineffectively. Complaints must be resolved quickly, carefully and objectively. Because of this, the complaints department in any company needs to have the proper systems, skilled agents, sound management and insightful processes for reporting.

With so much at stake, some honest consideration of internal abilities must be undertaken in order to choose the best solution. Decision-makers need to analyze both the current performance regarding customer complaint handling within the company and the outsourcer’s capabilities.


There are many different reasons why companies decide to outsource their complaint handling:


  • Internal processes do not always have accountability – When internal processes do not have sufficient control, this situation can result in crucial actions falling through the cracks and or the next step in resolving the issue is missed.
  • Internally created systems can have flaws – These flaws may not be noticed until restrictions are shown and unexpected requests indicate that improvements have to be made.
  • Insufficient staff – As a consequence of considerable growth in complaint volumes, the number of skilled employees to handle these types of calls could be scarce, and this could mean more dissatisfied customers because their complaints are not being handled properly.

When such challenges exist internally, choosing an outsourcing agency that is already well established in customer complaints is a good idea. Partnering with an experienced company that has the volume of employees required to invest heavily in developing complaint handling systems could substantially reduce workload and resource requirements.


Some businesses may currently already have a complaint handling department, so these companies may only consider outsourcing to maintain high standards during peak periods or to help reduce costs.


Whatever the reason for outsourcing the process of complaint handling, the secret to overall success is selecting a partner that shares common objectives with your business. The outsourcer has to offer a management team you can trust and work with in order to positively enhance your reputation and brand.


KPI Connect has highly experienced complaint professionals that work on behalf of a number of clients, including well-known brands. Our agents are dedicated, highly skilled and culturally aligned. They are capable of dealing with an extensive range of complaints, from expressions of dissatisfaction to executive complaints. KPI Connect ensures that the right action is taken at the right time and prioritizes complaints.


Contact us today to improve exponentially your customer complaint management systems and to enhance your reputation in a positive way.